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The Road Ahead (Penguin )
Introducing Web TV (Microsoft Press)
Hardcore Microsoft Visual Basic (Microsoft Press)
Developing International Software for Windows 95 and Windows NT (Microsoft Press)
Developing Applications for Microsoft Exchange with C++ (Microsoft Press)
Programming Microsoft Visual C++, 5th Edition (Microsoft Press)
AFC Developers Workshop (Microsoft Press)
Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic, 5th Edition (Microsoft Press)
Inside Distributed COM (Microsoft Press)
OLE Controls Inside and Out (Microsoft Press)
Inside ODBC (Microsoft Press)
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 Developers Workshop (Microsoft Press)
Inside Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (Microsoft Press)
Client/Server Programming for Windows 95 (Microsoft Press)
Inside COM (Microsoft Press)
At Home with Microsoft Bob (Microsoft Press)
The Ultimate Office Book, 2nd Edition (Microsoft Press)
3D Graphics Programming for Windows 95 (Microsoft Press)
Software Project Survival Guide (Microsoft Press)
Running Microsoft Works for Windows 95 (Microsoft Press)
Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 (Microsoft Press)
Microsoft Windows 95 Step in Step (Microsoft Press)
Microsoft Visual Basic 4 for Windows 95 Step by Step (Microsoft Press)
Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows 95 Step by Step (Microsoft Press)
Microsoft Excel/Visual Basic Step by Step (Microsoft Press)
Programming the Windows 95 User Interface (Microsoft Press)
Inside OLE 2nd Edition (Microsoft Press)
Inside Visual C++ 4th Edition (Microsoft Press)
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