Michael S. Victor
Advanced Microscopy Group - Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer
Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer ( 6 months )
As the Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer at AMG, I owned the design and development of the Amgmicro.com web site, related microsites, and partner hosted websites. I introduced a simplified web dashboard, the promotions, who's using EVOS, videos, customer survey, and sales and partners site features. I enabled a testing environment test.amgmicro.com, introduced automated deployment using beanstalk, and introduced SVN source control. Site was built on LAMP and I used MAMP with dreamweaver for development. See Amgmicro.
Microsoft Corporation (18 years) - Graphic Designer, Senior SDE, Senior SDET
XBox Entertainment Console (2011-2012)
From 2011 to 2012 I worked on XBox console team. Area ownership includes quality of dashboard and user interaction systems as well as build and test infrastructure for these areas. Current work includes prototyping of new user experiences using Windows and Windows/Mobile, Kinect, and Xbox SDKs. Prototypes include systems for glass and air gesture, and speech UX. Developed automation harnesses for WWA/HTML5, IE10 application hooks for testing. Developed automation analysis reports for automated build/test infrastructure. See Interaction Design XBOX and Kinect.
XBox Live Studios (2010)
Products included Xbox and Kinect hardware and applications such as ESPN, Netflix, and Video Kinect. Developed processes and executed security testing for the XBox Kinect kernel driver as well as for the client-server titles. Responsible for the design, development, and execution of automated performance testing, stress testing, and build deployment tools for XBox 360 applications. Enabled and maintained automated test execution infrastructure for unit and functional tests. Area ownership of title A/B title beta testing. Performed numerous other development, project management, and testing tasks for the ESPN application. See XBOX 360 First Party Applications.
Platform Development - Microscoft.com (2009)
Work included design and development for the virtual lab platform. The platform enables customer scheduling and provisioning of network isolated virtual machines using Hyper-V and Virtual Server. See Virtual Labs. Also working on development process automation using VS 2010.
Mobile Applications - Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group & Microsoft Learning (2008-9)
Worked on the v1 release of OneApp Learn, a mobile learning application and back-end learning management system using Kojax client platform for Sun/Java feature phones and Microsoft Azure. This work includes designing the mobile client interfaces, development prototyping, data modeling, and developing the authoring component. See OneApp Learn. Developed high-fidelity prototypes for a Blend and Silverlight mobile LMS prototype. See Courier. Also developed a mobile prototype training game, see Zune App.
Content Search (2003-7)
Developed content full-text search and indexing system supporting Latin, Han (using dictionaries), and Sanskrit. This work includes an indexing module to support external content authoring systems and a dictionary aggregation and compilation tool. See Content Viewer.
Content Viewer (2003-2007)
Developed the learning management system content viewer. This viewer implements SCORM and IMS standards for LMS subsystem integration. It supports unicode HTML and XML content, Silverlight and Flash content, Latin, Han, and Sanskrit based languages, bi-di presentation, notetaking, and community forums. See Content Viewer, Windows Starter Edition or Community Forums.
Online Applications
Responsible for design and development of end-to-end product marketing system. It integrates partner program details into Microsoft Learning planning systems, then generates and publishes content into Microsoft.com front-end services. The system implements taxonomy management, portfolio planning and detailing, web page indexing enhancements, map-based search, and publishing of product details into Microsoft.com and shopping carts. See Class Locator.
Line of Business Applications (2003-2007)
Developed product/portfolio planning software used by Microsoft Learning and partners. This system implements workflow functions which take products from the idea stage through approval, development, release, and retirement. It implements a business rule and database integration layer to support business changes without code changes. Features include rich search, bulk editing, and integrated administration views. See Title Manager.
Information Architecture and Content Development Tools, Microsoft Press (1996-2003)
Responsible for design of electronic and print content models DTDs/XSDs/XSLT, UX and interaction of eBooks, and print layout templates used for content material transformation between form factors including OEB and Custom-form eBooks, Pagemaker/Framemaker and InDesign print materials, e-Mails, and databases. Work included pulling together a team of area specialist to aid in the creation of common and specialized DTD/XSDs, creating custom processing tools, and creating static and interactive eBook content types, print content types, and software based content interactions such as visual dictionaries, content navigation UX. Developed content authoring tools for Microsoft Learning LMS-Based content publishing systems. Developed web content testing automation. Developed deployment packages using Install Shield and Windows Installer technologies. See LCDS.
Mindbytes GAC
Designer/Developer/Owner (1992 - 2000)
Ran small graphic design business providing services such as print and web design, corporate identity, and graphic artwork production. Contracted with companies such as Microsoft, Active Voice, and other businesses within the Puget Sound area. See Manuals, Magazines, Identity, or Illustration.
Everett Community College
Lab Manager (1992 - 1994)
Provided computer operations support for design and engineering computer labs (PC and Mac labs). Tasks included network configuration, backups, repair, software installation.
Everett Herald
Distribution Manager (1990-1992)
HTML5 (recent) > 6 months Flash, 2 years
jQuery (recent) > 8 months XNA > 2 years
Unity3D (recent) > 1 year AJAX > 1 year
C# .NET, 9-10 years Azure, 1 year
Javascript, > 10 years ASP.NET > 2 years
HTML > 10 VB, 2-3 years
XML, > 10 years Visual Studio, > 10 years
Web Services, > 4 years VSTS 2010 Test & Lab Manager, 1 year
SQL Server, 4 years Microsoft Office, > 10 years
Microsoft Expression, 3 years Adobe Photoshop (up to CS5) > 10 years
WPF > 2 years Adobe Illustrator (up to CS5)> 5 years
Silverlight > 3 years 3D Modeling (3DS/Blender), 4-5 years
C++, 2-3 years Windows Server, Window/Mac
Java, 1 year PHP > 1 year
Dreamweaver > 6 months
Music recording, Guitarist
Game development and Gaming. See Unity, Winterblue, or Dark Matter Engine.
Fine Art. See Level Design, Photography, or Illustration.
Reading Science Fiction, History, and Astronomy
Everett Community College, Associate of Fine Arts Degree, Graphic Design 1992
Certifications: Microsoft Office/Powerpoint, Autodesk 3D Studio & Animator Pro
Company Service Awards
Ship Awards: Microsoft Kinect, XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows Starter Edition, IIS Resource Kit, Electronic Reference Titles
Service: 10 Year Service Award, Star Awards