UX Methods

Principles found in Charettes and User Centered Design can be applied to nearly any project. Within these principles are easy-to-use methods which normally avoid process overkill and churn. But which methods are applied to which project? This are of my site demonstrates artifacts of design worked on over the years and have applied tactically to different projects.

First off, scenarios-based design. While good for big, unknown projects, is not so useful for the tiny ones, or more subtle visual projects. Yet, since you never know when a project will take a turn into the big unknown it's good to have it in the grab bag of tools. I initially was introduced to SBD as part of the OneApp project. We used it for all 1st year sprints on the XBox One. I also introduced it to the design team for the Beacons project.

Parts of the content are sourced from other UCD work (like the samples) and are original works of the creator, and others have been updated and written by me as needed.