Prototyping Samples

Many of my prototypes here are in reel form for presentation/reference purposes. The XBox console prototypes were created in C/C++/C#, XUI/NUI/VUI and/or WPF/XAML. AT&T prototypes are/were in a either my own HTML5 prototyping framework, Unity, or originally in Flash or Invision, depending on the need. I've also incuded a few of my own game prototypes.

Adv. Messaging XBox List Navigation Hoss & Peggy Game Kinect Gesture Menu Fetch Click-Thru XBox Speech Plus 2D Sidescroller Demo Kinect Dashboard Rollover Click-Thru Cursor-Less Dash Floating Controls Demo DriveMode Click-Thru HTML 5 Demo Steps Simplification Min. Feedback Carousel Semantic Zoom Controls