Information Architecture

Designing anything complex usually requires Information Architecture. It's also pretty handy for just comparing changes in a system. But, I tend to separate wireframes into the visual domain due to my past experiences building content systems, databases, and designing interactions for non-visual user interfaces (like air gestures and speech). In this section of my portfolio you can examples of wireframes and other modeling processes in a general modeling section, also likely in nearly any recent project in this portfolio.

For Microsoft Press, Learning, the Windows Unlimited Potential Group I produced DTDs and XSDs for learning, games, content discovery metadata, and navigational information. I've specifically worked with external standards such as DOCBOOK, SCORM and IMS, and OEB, and created schemas for long-form book content, mobile training, and entertainment marketplaces. Even this site uses XML for all the content.

Open any of the following in a text editor for samples of the information architecture I've helped create:

Developer Standard Schema (DTD) Developer Standard HTML Transformation XML Content (Framemaker) example

In 2013 I redesigned the Advanced Microscopy Group external facing web sites. These designs included a blend of marketing strategy and user goals and was primarily based on data collected from instumentation introduced into thier web site:

Advanced Microscopy Group


Working in XBOX Input and Interaction team, I developed navigation solutions for multi-modality inputs including Kinect, Microsoft Speech, and touch interfaces:

XBOX Interaction


I created an online/offline search and index system which is used in Windows Starter Edition and supports Latin, HAN and Sanscript languages - over 50 languages.

Content Viewer


For Microsoft Press I created an End-to-end product lifecycle system for creating and manage product titles including XSD, Database Schema, and application features schema (pluggable components).

Title Manager

For the Microsoft Unlimted Potential Mobile Phone Group I produced WAP mobile content experiences and content schema for both authoring and run-time systems:

Content Manifest Schema Content Outline Schema Assessment Content Schema AdventureGameContent Flash Card Game Schema Pan Image Schema Sort Game Schema Text and Picture Schema Tip Content Schema