AT&T Data Perks

AT&T was always looking for ways to increase data usage on thier cellular network. There were a few projects which were born from this direction: Plenti, Sponsored Data, and Data Perks. I got to work on a few aspects of each of these projects, but mainly, I worked on the design of Data Perks.

The business found a partner, Aquto, who had a platform which allowed customers to earning extra data. Customers found this attractive because, instead of turning off thier cellular data, they could get and use more. I started working with the Kickbit team on concepts for an AT&T UX which would integrate into the AT&T monthly reoccuring plan systems.

I worked on interaction, research, motion, and visual design from end-to-end for the first and second release of the app with a team of 5 designers and 2 writers.

1. Reviewed the Aquoto design proposal 2. Refined the Aquto work to help support the IT "SOC-codes" requirement 3. Product team first engadgement