AT&T IP Messaging

SMS/MMS messaging allows Android and Winphone customer to send text, pictures and videos. IPME is a new data messaging service which (eventually) replaces SMS and MMS messaging and enhances the messsaging experience with read receipts and large file support.

Our team was approached to look at the complexities of adding in the new features into the messaging UX on android and winphone based OSs and creating OEM and OS implementation guidelines for the business teams.

I worked on the microcopy interaction states for read receipts, the first run expierice, and across the team to create coded prototypes, videos, wireframes, and more. I also help other designers refine assigned work.

Created project scope 1-pager for the team Created microcopy interaction approach Helped our director with design review documents Collaborated on feedback for sending large files Created the first run UX Created additional recommendations Worked with editors and legal on copy and UX changes